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Our College is unique among the theological colleges of Hungary. Its name – Sola Scriptura College of Theology – refers to its mission, namely the researching, developing and teaching of Biblical theology. The scriptures of the Bible in themselves make a vast amount of literature, and the biblical history is attached to the secular history of mankind by several links, so we shall find ourselves with a considerable bulk of study material. By way of its relation to universal cultural history, one of its aspects being the Bible as appears in arts.

The Bible is universally recognised and professed as the primary source of Christianity. Since education at our College has this collection of writings in its focus, it is not denominational. The correspondence course is open, irrespective of religious or denominational affiliation, to everyone who wishes to pursue biblical studies at an advanced level. Respecting of liberty of conscience is a basic principle at our College.

The College was founded in 1992. It gained partial accreditation first in 2000.

Our courses are as follows:

Theology course leading to a college degree (BA), 8 terms, 240 credits

Biblical counseling postgraduate specialized training course, 2 terms, 60 credits

The average number of students is 250 to 300.