Theology Major (BA course)

Course supervisor: Dr. Vankó Zsuzsanna (

The objective of this course is to provide higher-level education in biblical studies. In accordance with the kind of biblical scholarship cultivated at the College, it is suitable for those who want to gain exact knowledge of the content of the Bible. The education on the full-time and correspondence courses consists of 8 terms /240 credits.


Biblical counseling postgraduate specialized training course

This course is open to students who have any kind of diploma. It consists of 2 terms/60 credits. Its aim is to give practical instructions in biblical counseling and prepare them how to provide spiritual help to people while respecting their freedom of conscience, regardless that they are religious or irreligious, or having a faith different from the Bible.


Bible Studies postgraduate specialized training course

This course is open to candidates with a degree in Theology or Arts. It consists of 4 terms /120 credits. Its aim is to provide tuition in the field of Bible studies, more specific, in respect of the Bible’s relation to the history of universal culture and ideas. To expand the list of announced programmes is a constant objective.